Our Philosophy

Our Vision

The vision of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation is based on the charism of Mary Ward which inspires people to reach their full potential. Mary Ward Loreto will be known, in the local situation, for strong advocacy, operational excellence and will take the initiative to enable vulnerable populations to discover their value through human and economic empowerment. Networking, collaboration and partnerships in Albania and across borders is the key to the accomplishment of the MWL mission. This will end human trafficking, a modern day slavery.

The Learning Experience

Our approach to learning:


  • Considers the context of a person’s life.
  • Fosters experience that moves a person beyond an intellectual grasp to an affective response.
  • Uses an approach that stimulates reflection on the deeper meaning of what is being studied.
  • Encourages a person to be open to truth that leads to action.
  • Places great value on evaluation which leads to positive feedback.


Our guiding principle is that relationships in Mary Ward Loreto projects will be friendly and affirming and based on respect and compassion. Care for the individual is paramount and each worker will put the person first.


  • Leaders operate in a spirit of mutual respect, collaboration and transparency. There is an emphasis on teamwork where the contribution of each individual is sought and valued. There is a presumption of good will by all staff, based on mutual trust.
  • Leaders at every level are cultural leaders who are immersed in the Mary Ward Loreto values. They model these values in the way they carry out their responsibilities and have the moral confidence, courage and conviction to inspire their teams to make the values real in everyday life.
  • At the heart of the work of leaders at every level is the development of an environment dedicated to the achievement of personal and skills excellence. We are never satisfied with a lesser good when a greater good is possible. To this end the professional development of staff is given a high priority.
  • Leaders establish those structures that are most favourable for releasing creativity, for fostering wise risk taking and for developing the capacity for imagining something new that may diverge from existing ways of thinking and acting.


Our Values


We are ambitious for our beneficiaries not just in the context of vocational excellence but also in the context of human possibilities, and as supporters of this ethic we will stretch hearts as well as minds. We have an unremitting focus on excellence and set the highest standards of academic and personal achievement.


Mindful of our Ignatian heritage, we introduce our beneficiaries to a reflective way of thinking and living and encourage seekers of truth who will also search critically for answers to the great questions of life.


We encourage doers of justice who will stand with those on the margins of life and become responsible global citizens and agents of social change, committed to building a better world. We invite our beneficiaries to use their gifts and talents to make a difference both globally and locally and to be men and women of courage who will challenge those accepted notions and modes of society which are opposed to the values for which we stand.


We allow all the freedom to become their best selves and to take charge of their own lives and futures within a learning environment that celebrates diversity and nurtures independence of spirit.


We develop relationships that are marked by respect and compassion and characterised by integrity and sincerity


Our places of work are joyful places where each one enjoys their work, learning and flourishing in a safe and healthy environment where the unique value of each individual is recognised and celebrated.


The Foundation Mary Ward Loreto has as its inspiration the charism of Mary Ward, the fundamental values of which are: FREEDOM, JUSTICE and SINCERITY. The essence of this charism is to respond to the greatest needs in today’s world through education and any other means. In 1609, this young Yorkshire woman left England to follow her call. She broke new ground in her service to those who would otherwise lack sufficient care and nurture, especially in the education of women. She gathered a growing number of young women who shared her vision and commitment for a ministry “in the world”. They took the same constitutions as The Society of Jesus, supported by a spirituality that sought freedom, justice and sincerity in all things. This way of life emphases both reflection and action to serve “wherever the need is greatest”. Her journey to this end was difficult and painful and she died seeing little fruit for her toil.

Her gravestone reads: “To love the poor, persevere in the same, live, die, and rise with them, was all the aim of Mary Ward…” Her example and writings have much to teach us. From these writings we find the essential values of Mary Ward as expressed in this document.

Empowering Through Justice, Freedom and Sincerity