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Durham DH1 4RL


3. Alternatively you can bank transfer your donation to Mary Ward Loreto UK


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account: 00034322

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In each region we operate in Albania, the local MWL advice and service centre forms the focal point of our service offerings and engagement with local communities. These centres offer advice, counselling and services to all individuals who are vulnerable to human trafficking and/or social, legal, emotional and/or economic exploitation. Standing in partnership with the National Referral Mechanism and Coalition of Shelters in Albania, our service centres provide rescue and referral services as well as advice.

What we will do:

We will run Human Development activities to train people in the ways the traffickers work, we are hoping to do at least 80 training sessions over this coming year with at least 1300 participants receiving customised human development support.

Additionally, we will do awareness-raising activities which will cover topics like domestic violence, positive parenting and health issues we hope to do even more than what we achieved last year this coming year  – so at least 36 awareness-raising activities attended by over 1200 people.

What will be the impact:

Thousands of vulnerable Albanian people will become aware of the dangers around them with regard to their safety and potential threats with people they see on a regular basis.


Rr. Skenderbej, 4.1.14, Tirana, Albania

Registered UK address 6 Albert Street, Durham, UK DH1 4RL

Regular donations can be bank transferred to:
Mary Ward Loreto UK, CAF Bank LTD, sort code 40-52-40, account 00034322

Mary Ward Loreto UK is a registered charity
No. 1192478

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